Lucas Azevedo

Dribbble Inspiration Tab - Colorful Creativity at Every New Tab

Replace your boring new tab page on Google Chrome with an inspiring illustration from Dribbble ♥ sorted by colors. When I created this extension, I was looking for an easy way to filter Driibbble shots and get inspired by so many amazing works by designers from all over the world. and then I had the idea to create this Chrome Extension which is so useful and beautiful way to have something in my face every time I open a new tab.

At first, I was looking for an way to only display the shots on my new tab, and then I had the idea adding a color filter to show only the shots in a range of the color that I wanted. I was so happy that I found a way to create the filter and then I decided to create the Chrome Extension and publish it on the Chrome Web Store.

Demo Video

Dribbble Inspiration Tab: Transform Your Chrome Experience

How it works?

  • Install the Chrome Extension. Click here
  • Open a new tab.
  • You will see a random shot from Dribbble.
  • If you want to see more shots, Choose a color.
  • Enjoy the inspiration.


  • Get shots filtered by color.
  • Discover designs from top creatives.
  • Preview animations.
  • Crisp @2x resolution.
  • Infinite scroll for fresh designs.
  • Directly link Dribbble profiles.
Lucas Azevedo

By: Lucas Azevedo

17, Dec 2023

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